Charlie and the chocolate factory

Charlie and the chocolate factory is a story about five kids who win a tour to Willy Wonka’s mysterious chocolate factory.The protagonist is Charlie is a poor can barely afford food. One thing that struck me about this first section of the book is just how well-crafted it is. Dahl uses a wonderful range off vocabulary to contrast the poverty of the Charlie’s family with the stories told by Grandpa Jo to Charlie of the wonderful Mr. Wonka and his chocolate factory. Contrasting the cabbage and potatoes that Charlie’s family live on with the stories of Willy Wonka’s magical and improbable sweets. the book gives teach many life lessons in a funny way. I feel it is witty, interesting and quite imaginative. However, there are bad phrases used such as nincompoop, blunder-head and many I would recommend this book for children 8-10 years.

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