Blue bells will be singing horses! This strange message, attached to the leg of a wounded homing pigeon, involves Nancy Drew in a dangerous mission. Somewhere an elderly woman is being held prisoner in a mansion, and  Nancy is determined to find and free her. Meanwhile, the young detective’s close friend, Helen, begs her to solve a second mystery. Helen’s grandparents, the Cornings, are frightened by a sinister wheel of blue fire that appears after dark in the woods outside their home at lonely Sylvan Lake. When Nancy discovers the significance of the eerie signal, she also learns that her two mysteries are connected.This one is great.  You wouldn’t think that a Nancy Drew mystery where the main plot is carrier pigeons and elderly people could be exciting, but it really is action-packed. This book has a lot of action in it and is very adventurous and kind of scary. Nancy is in deep trouble by once again she manages to escape.


Nancy Drew is thrilled when her friend Helen Corning calls offering her a new mystery to solve.  It seems that the house her great aunt and great grandmother live in has suddenly become haunted.  They are hearing strange sounds and things are moving across the room when their backs are turned.  Helen wants Nancy to help her figure out what is happening, and Nancy is only too happy to go.Only before she can even leave, Nancy gets a visitor who claims that her father, lawyer Carson Drew, is in danger. I found this plot to be a lot more in depth and suspenseful than the first book and I enjoyed it more. Nancy stays at the haunted mansion to figure out the “ghost” in the house all the while trying to find her father and solve that mystery.Between the two mysteries, the plot moved along nicely and kept my attention. The title of the book might be considered a spoiler, but Nancy is very quick to conclude that there must be a hidden passage way of some kind in the house, and she spends much of the book trying to locate it.  While she is doing that, we get some more spooky incidents.  This was a fun read. It’s a nice, simple mystery with a few twists here and there.


This is a great Nancy Drew with a great twist. Nancy Drew is asked by her friends Bess and George to help check on their great-grand uncle Asa Sydney. Asa Sydney is 100 years old, and he has been living at ‘The Sign of the Twisted Candles’ inn with his hired help for a number of years. But now his family is concerned he is being kept a prisoner in the tower of the inn. But Nancy has no idea just what she is about to get herself into. And what really motivates Asa’s family to check on him, concern, love or the large inheritance they expect?It is full of twists and turns, ups and downs and action. A fantastic mystery with a few surprises. And ultimately a warning against greed.Overall, it was fast paced, witty and a fun read. 


This book finds Nancy and her friend Helen , traveling up river just a bit to visit their friend Emily.  Nancy and her friend Helen visit their friend at the Lilac Inn, which Emily now owns, to help her plan her wedding. Even before they arrive, strange things start to happen.  Their canoe is capsized mid river, but they have no idea why.  When they arrive at the inn, they learn that some strange things have been happening there. Emily plans on selling inherited diamonds in order to help fix up the Lilac Inn. Soon after, Emily’s diamonds are stolen! Can Nancy find the thieves and recover the missing diamonds?  Oh, and someone is impersonating Nancy Drew back in River Heights.  Can Nancy figure out what is going on?Since I started reading this book , I got caught up in the mystery.  There is a lot happening here.  In fact, there is almost too much happening. A more complex mystery than the others in the series so far, and more challenging for young readers, but an exciting and unique mystery for young fans of the genre.  This is a breathless read for sure.


While trying to help a friend out of a difficulty, Nancy has a perilous experience in and around a deserted bungalow, from which only her bravery and quick thinking save her.And once again Nancy is off on another exciting, fast paced adventure.  It is amazing just how much happens to Nancy and what she pieces together in these 180 pages.  Some of the twists are a little obvious, but I wasn’t completely sure how everything would fit together or how Nancy would prove it until the end. Love how each chapter ends on a suspenseful note. The Bungalow Mystery challenges Nancy with two mysteries at once, which eventually interweave to create a master plot. The lovable Hannah Greun (Nancy’s housekeeper) and Carson Drew (Nancy’s father) are strong supporting characters and give readers a sense that Nancy has even more to lose than her life – every action and reaction will have a consequence for her family’s personal safety and happiness.Bungalow Mystery continues Nancy’s adventures in the most appealing of ways, and once readers finish they will won’t want to quit the Drew’s exciting world.


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