Author Spotlight – Elika Ansari

About the Author –

Elika Ansari is a writer, social scientist, and humanitarian professional. She has been working with MSF (Doctors Without Borders) in what has been recently described as ‘the world’s worst refugee camp’ in Greece for the past year, and as such she has had the (mis)fortune of hearing many touching stories about hardship and perseverance. She tries to focus her writing on globally relevant issues with the hope of one day making a difference through the stroke of the pen (or click of the keyboard), however small that may be. She loves writing anything from essays and articles to children’s fiction, and she does not shy away from the occasional rants about society’s downfalls. Ansari has published 100+ reviews, articles, and short stories, and her debut children’s book, ‘Seacity Rising: A Tale of Unwatery Adventures’ was published on June 6th, 2019 by Black Rose Writing.

About the Book –

When the underwater creatures of Seacity pond learn that their home is in danger, they decide to investigate further by doing something no one has ever done before – go up to land to seek the answers they need. An unlikely team of two royal turtles, a genius goldfish and a timorous frog are then assembled to embark on a series of adventures. Whether they are racing the fastest tortoise on earth, falling in love with native mice theatre, or bringing peace to warring ant colonies, each unique experience is taking the group of friends closer to the heart of what is really going on. But will they make it back in time to save Seacity before the Winter’s Slumber?

What do you love most about writing stories for children?

I love that they are so imaginative . Even though I am an adult I enjoy children stories much more. Because there is so much imagination . There is always an happy element and an element of hope. Also it so much nicer to reach out to children as they are our future generation.

What topics do your stories cover and why are these important to you?

The main topic is basically environmental issues and climate change and I think it is important to the entire world. I wanted to make it accessible for children and it just seemed like it would be an interesting idea to do it from the perspective of very sheltered group of animals , they live under the water and they live under the water and have no idea what is going on! Other than that it touches on themes of friendship, selflessness, self-development, trust and diversity.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everything ! Life experiances ,other books,other stories.It is everywhere I guess !

Why do you think it is important for children to develop a love of reading?

I think as a kid when I growing up reading was the best outlet to transport me into another world much more than TV , series and other cartoons ! So books were so much more inspiring for me . Recently there are children who read but you see it less and less. It is very easy to get distracted by social media and smartphones. So it is very important for children to develop a love for reading and expand the imagination !

Five words that describe your book the best.

  • Climate change
  • Unity
  • Self development
  • Friendship
  • Selflessness

What do you plan on writing next ?

I am actually writing a book about refugees in Greece. That was my job for the past three years . It is a collection of 20 short stories particularly censored on the biggest refugee camp in Europe- The Moria Refugee Camp on the island of Lesvos. It is a literary fiction and is for adults. Seacity rising is the first book in the trilogy and I plan on writing the second an third . I have already started with the second one. I also have a bunch of ideas for middle grade and YA books as well.

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