Sally’s Birthday Wish

Sally's Birthday Wish by Ivette Corza

About the Author –

Ivette Corza grew up in SoCal and loved reading mystery books
as a child. Her favorite series was Nancy Drew. She received
her BA from Cal Poly Pomona and now lives with her husband
and four children. She enjoys writing children’s books and
watching her kids grow up. She likes reading books on all
subjects, especially religious and inspirational books that leave
you wanting to read more.

Description –

Exited aren’t you??……Your birthday is coming up tomorrow….

Just like you, even Sally was. She was turning five. What is the best part of a b’day??……getting tons of gifts, enjoying with friends, cutting a scrumptious cake….and most of all making a secret birthday wish!! She made one too! ……..She wishes it with all her heart……Will it come true? Find out!

My Views –

It joyful picture book that celebrates every kid’s favorite day of the year, full of adorable art and pictures to relate the story to. Every child longs for their birthday and spends hours dreaming about the big day, and the instances in this joyful book will feel completely familiar to many. Children will especially love reading and rereading this book . The story has a pervading sweetness, reminding grown-ups to cherish the days of birthday wishes and to celebrate the optimism and hopefulness of young children. This celebratory book will appeal to children and parents alike…….a wonderful read-aloud for any time of year. As for me, I totally love this book . It was just so cool and fascinating…I just couldn’t stop reading it!! I totally recommend all the write ups of Ivette Corza for all.

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