Do You Like My Hat?

Do You Like My Hat? by Chelsey Hookenson


In this book the author has again written about child psycology where in a young boy is imagining all the things around him to be his hat….it is written in a funny and hilarious way which young kids will surely find amusing for them……all the things around him are his imaginary hats until he gets a very special gift from his father…any guesses ??…..the inquisitive ones amongst you should surely read this beautiful poem to find out what it is….


This is an totally engaging book for kids in the age group of 5 to 7. It is full of pictures that make the book really eye – catching and understandable for young kids. Not only that, the pictures very elegantly describe every stanza of the book. Reading this book will surely improve younger kids vocabulory and also their understanding about various things……..All the elder kids reading this blog should surely recommend this book for their younger siblings….I would myself rate this book ten on ten and advise every inquisitive young child to surely read it….

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