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This month , I’m talking about some of my book blogging firsts!I started this blog in May . And I thought I’d throw the word ‘tag’ on the end of it in case anyone wants to talk about their firsts too. I searched for other tags like this but didn’t find any, so hopefully I’m not accidentally copying anyone. Anyone is welcome to tag themselves, just credit me and link back to this post, please! And feel free to add more firsts if you want!

So, without further ado, let’s talk about some firsts!

1 month Blogoversary


I think my blog just started off with my name?And it is still the same. The original design used red and pink as the colors, it was Stow. But it did not have any sidebar so I choose Button 2 as it is gives a cosy feeling and after all this theme perfectly matches the name !


My first post (on this blog) was charlie and the chocolate factory . Yep, I just jumped right into reviews, no intro post or anything!


My first comment on my blog was by Maya Bhat on Matilda but that was her only comment 😦 The next comment was by morgueticiaatoms and I would really like to thank her as she recommended my blog on blogging community and also introduced it to me. And I have made so many friends over there 🙂 I also gained a few visitors due to her .She also has been a regular visitor and commented on many other posts. My first follower was Clary Rouge and my first likers were again Clary Rouge and Wandering Ambivert. I would like to thank Wandering Ambivert for being such a regular visitor and liking so many of my posts !But every blog has to start somewhere, and those first supporters are the best because they’re the ones who make you feel like you’re not just screaming into the void when you still feel like you are. So thank you,everyone !


As I said above, my first on the blog was charlie and the chocolate factory


My first meme was Wednesday Wisdom , and it was 5 foolproof ways get out of a reading slump


My first discussion was Discussion: Physical Books vs E Books vs Audio Books .I remember being so nervous that it would be a flop and not get any comments, and what’s a discussion post with no discussion? But it turned out well 🙂


I feel like author interviews are not always the most popular posts unless it’s for a super famous author, but I enjoy doing them. My first was with Elika Ansari. It was a wonderful opportunity and we did a live chat !!


I honestly don’t know. I don’t think I even followed or regularly read any book blogs before I started my own. I kinda just saw they were a thing and was like, “Oh that sounds cool and like a good way to keep track of my reviews!” The beginnings of my book blogging days are like this weird haze. I’m not even sure how I learned about memes or figured out there was a whole community or anything. Somehow I guess I did though!


My first review copy ever was an eARC of  Super Simple hand lettering project .I was so nervous! Both that I’d get denied and that I wouldn’t like the book and would have to write a negative review for one of my first review copies. I loved it though, and even tried some of the activities and projects!

All you have to do is tag me in the post – (I really want to know what you put down) and list out your blogging firsts ! No pressure to do this, just thought it would be fun, and something different. When you’re done do give a pingback ! Also remember to keep the same logo 🙂

I nominate

24 thoughts on “Blogging Firsts”

    1. My pleasure…yes no pressure….it has been nice meeting you too….I hope to read more of your posts when I have time….you have an lovely blog…and I especially love the tags and lists

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  1. Woah! Your blog has grown up so much! Congratulations! 🙂
    Thanks for the tag. I hope you don’t mind if it takes a lil time to make the post. I have a couple of more awards in the pipeline. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks so much for your encouragement…..yes hope to continue blogging…I am 12 and my school started in June so going a little slow…most posts are scheduled ! Happy reading to you too…in this month I plan to participate in two readathons…really excited as these are my first !

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