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Hello to the readers of Krisha’s Cosy Corner! She has asked me to write a short, bookish post for her page, and so I am here as a guest author today! My name is Lola, I write a blog called Leggit! ( in which I have posted so far about running, mental health and the current Lockdown situation across the globe. We are both new to blogging and I think it’s important to support each other!

I’m a student of English at university, and although I still enjoy reading and writing, at a higher level reading can become a chore, as the books get more complex and getting to the end of particularly long novel feels like an achievement rather than a sadness. As such, I thought I’d reminisce on my favourite books from when I was younger, when I raced through them to see what happened next, rather than having to ‘dedicate time to reading’ because I feel like I should as a student of literature.

So #1 My all-time favourite book from when I was younger, was ‘War Horse’ by Micheal Morpurgo.

  • Set during the First World War, it is a tale of a boy and his relationship with his horse, whom his father sells to aid the war effort. The boy, Albert, enlists and promises his horse, Joey that he will find him again.
  • It is told from the perspective of the horse, which I think strengthened my emotional connection to the plot as I have always loved animals, and it was a refreshing take on a War Story.
  • Throughout the book, Joey faces atrocities, but also a heart warming amount of love and respect from people, which takes the reader on quite the emotional journey.
  • I was given a version which had full colour pictures, which really brought the story to life, and when the film came out in 2011 it was as if all my Christmases had come at once. There is also a West End show adaptation of the book, which I went to see for my 11th Birthday, I think, so as you can see I was quite obsessed. I think I had an audio book of it too!

For some lighter reading, I enjoyed the Skullduggery Pleasant series. (#2)

  • This series followed a detective, who happened to be a skeleton and his side-kick Stephanie as they used magic to solve crimes. I remember really enjoying these books because of the dynamic between Skullduggery and Stephanie – they had a funny, banterous relationship which was not cringe or forced.
  • I think there is about 8 in the series, so plenty to get your teeth stuck into!
  • Good for fans of Harry Potter, as there are lots of elements of magic and wizadry, as well as mythological creatures. Although the writing style is more simplistic, so perhaps better for younger readers, or those seeking a quick read!

Lastly, Jacqueline Wilson books were a staple of my childhood reading – my favourite being Hetty Feather (#3)

  • Perhaps renown for writing about troubling issues such as divorce, death and relationships, Jacqueline Wilson books were a favourite of mine and my peers up until around the age of 14 I’d say.
  • Hetty Feather, in contrast to most of Wilson’s others, is a book about a child at the Foundling hospital in London in the late 19th Century. She is sent there because her mother could not look after her when she was a child, and the book documents her time in the hospital and the trials and tribulations she faces there.
  • It is part of a trilogy, and has been adapted into a TV programme too.
  • I have always been very interested in history, as such two out of the three of my favourite children’s books are historical fiction!

Thanks Krisha for having me on your blog!

War Horse By Michael Morpurgo
Skulduggery Pleasant: Skulduggery Pleasant, Book 1
Hetty Feather

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  1. Thanks Lola for this great post ! I am a huge fan of jaquiline wilson and read have read hetty feather….I too love the trilogy…I have not read Skullduggery Pleasant yet but it sounds interesting ! 🙂

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