# SCHOOLDAYS – A Collection Of 16 Stories

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Those carefree, playful days when life revolves around homework, assignments, exams, house rivalries, sport days, annual days, open days……..when friends are more important than family…….when everybody in class is united in playing pranks, and facing punishments too!!!……when everybody aims to be the teachers’ pet and the teachers……well, they become the extended family !!…indeed, it is a fun – filled period of everybody’s life!!….






All young children love going to school…meeting their friends as well as their teachers…..doing pranks in the classroom….it is all just so much fun!!…..especially in these times, school is missed by many…so read this amazing book and remember those fun – filled moments in school……this book is going to be engaging as well as cherishing for parents also since they will get a chance to relive those wonderful memories of their schooldays once again!!….I would myself rate this book ten on ten for all the fun I had while cherishing those wonderful shooldays memories….recommended for all the book lovers….totally worth reading !!

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