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City girl Nooni is surprised at the pace of life in her grandparents village in Karnataka. but she quickly gets used to the gentle routine there and involves herself in a flurry of activities and playing with her new – found friends.

Things get exiting when Nooni stumbles upon an ancient, fabled stepwell right in the middle of a forest near the village. Join the intrepid Nooni in this wonderful adventure and to unravel the mysteries of the stepwell!






This novel by India’s favourite story teller and was one of the much awaited book by Sudha Murty….it is heart – warming, charming and absolutely unputdownable…..it is so engrosing that once you start reading, it is really difficult to stop until the book is over….it is a wonderful adventure novel full of various kinds of obstacles beautifully overcomed by the protagonist……the moral values and lessons conveyed throughout the book are worth remembering as well as following in life….recommended for young kids and parents alike who love reading books…….worth reading for all!!

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