# GERONIMO STILTON – Merry Christmas Geronimo!

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Geronimo was so exited for Christmas, he could hardly squeak! He and his nephew Benjamin were going to trim the tree and eat a lot of delicious Christmas Cheesy Chews!! But before you could say “cat alert” , disaster struck! He tripped over his tail and ended up in the hospital and then his mouse hole caught fire! Holey cheese, this was turning out to be the worst Christmas ever……..






Everyone loves Christmas….eating those scrumptious cakes…..singing carols….enjoying with friends and relatives at Christmas parties…..what could go wrong on that beautiful day??…..but it was so wrong in Geronimo’s case….all unfortuanate things were happening with him…..join him on this beautiful day of Christmas Eve where he is struggling to fix everything right!!….help him solve all his problems and have a amazing day….I recommened this book to all those young fun lovers…..this fabulous book is totally worth reading!!

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