Kane Chronicles : The Red Pyramid

The story starts with Carter Kane narrating. He has a sister called Sadie Kane, but when they’re mum died under mysterious circumstances, there was a massive court fight between their grandparents and their dad, Dr. Julius Kane. Finally, their grandparents won the right to keep Sadie with them in England, while Carter travelled the world with his Dad, who is an Egyptologist.

It’s Christmas time, and the day has come for Carter and his Dad to see Sadie in England. For a surprise, Julius Kane takes them to the British Museum after it closes. That was the night that EVERYTHING changed. Suddenly, Carter and Sadie Kane are smack bang in the middle of an adventure full of terror, courage and friendship.

The world building wasn’t super solid – I think that was my main and only issue, but the rest was so great. It’s hard to compete with PJO and HOO, but this is still such a great book from Riordan. I also appreciate that though it’s still about mythical gods, it’s not an exact copy of what PJO is. It’s super different and stands on its own as a really unique and interesting story.

I’ve always liked clever, funny adventure stories like the Percy Jackson series. The Red Pyramid was just the thing for me. It belongs to a series called The Kane Chronicles. The other two books in it are Throne of Fire and Serpent’s Shadow.

I’d recommend this book to children and teenagers who like long, funny adventure books full of surprises.

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