Olympic Games Readathon!

As soon as I heard of this one I knew I had to join. I never ever did a PJO readathon before, and I heard of it before the Disney+ tv show news so it was even more perfect. You can watch the announcement video over at Ishi Time.

For this one you also have a whole month to read four books in whatever order you want to, and you also have some advanced challenges you can do if you want. The rule here is you have to follow the prompts for your cabin, meaning your god or goddess parent. I took the test years and years ago and know that I am an Athena daughter, so here are my mandatory challenges

Also this is my first readathon! I am so excited !

Click the image to visit the Google Documents describing the challenges for all the gods and goddesses created by Ishi Time

Mandatory Challenges TBR:

Athena favors those who seek knowledge beyond all. Read a book out of your comfort zone. 

For this I will be reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen adapted Gemma Barder. So I am only 12 and don’t read many classics . However I have read Little woman, Secret Garden and a few of Shakespeare Books. The Shakespeare was adapted version. I have liked them in the past so I think this will be a good read 🙂 I’ve heard stunning things about Pride and Prejudice, so fingers crossed. So I hope this one is as good as the original one ! This is actually an ARC copy I got for reviewing.

Mrs Bennet is desperate to find rich husbands for her daughters, so the arrival of a charming new neighbour is welcome indeed. Sadly, the friend he brings with him is not. Mr Darcy seems to have even more pride than money. Nobody likes him – least of all Elizabeth Bennet. But not everyone is who they seem.

Read a book that features a school.

I immediately knew it was the book I wanted to read for this prompt. I’ve wanted to read this book ever since it was on my TBR . This another review copy too. And what better time to strike it from my TBR than to satisfy a read-a-thon prompt?And middle grade books is my favorite genre! The main character is Lizabeth.

Twelve-year-old Lizbeth always has a plan, and those plans have usually worked–until now. No matter what she tries, she can’t get rid of her dad’s new girlfriend, Claire. And when she and her mom move, Lizbeth has to join a sixth-grade class already in progress, where her teacher makes her wear a name tag and she’s seated with three notorious weirdos.

When faced with mandatory participation in a school talent show, Lizbeth and the Weirdos decide to create self portraits. Reluctantly, Lizbeth finds herself becoming friends with people she thought she had nothing in common with–and coming to terms with the things she can’t control.

Read the longest book on your TBR.

It will definitely be No Ordinary Thing ! I have even done an author interview with the author G.Z Schmidt. And I can’t wait to read her book…the cover looks so beautiful 🤩

It’s 1999 and Adam doesn’t mind living at his uncle’s bakery, the Biscuit Basket, on the Lower East Side in New York City. The warm, delicious smells of freshly baked breads and chocolate croissants make every day feel cozy, even if Adam doesn’t have many friends and misses his long dead parents very much.

When a mysterious but cheerful customer shows Adam a snow globe and says that adventures await him, it’s too strange to be true. But days later, an unbelievable, incredible thing happens. Adam finds a similar looking snow globe and immediately travels back in time, first to Times Square in 1935, then a candle factory fire in 1967.

But how are these moments related? What do they have to do with his parents’ death? And why is a tall man with long eyebrows and a thin mustache following Adam’s every move?

In her debut novel G. Z. Schmidt has crafted a world filled with serendipity, mystery, and adventure for readers of Roald Dahl and Lemony Snicket.

Read a book by your favorite author

This was a really tough prompt to choose for! I have at least a handful of favorite authors – authors that I would willingly read anything they write. I ended up letting the books I have checked out from the library decide, since I do have a book already checked out by one of my recent favorite author : Eoin Colfer

So, for this prompt I will be reading Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony and maybe The Time Paradox. So I have finished with the first three books and am on the fourth book !

Ten thousand years ago, humans and fairies fought a great battle. When the fairies realized they’d never win, they moved their civilization underground and hid. All the families agreed, except the demons.

The demons planned to lift themselves out of time until they were ready to wage war on the humans once more. But the spell went wrong, and they were catapulted into Limbo. Now the spell’s deterioration is accelerating and the demon materializations are erupting. Even the fairy scientists cannot predict the next one.

But someone can. Artemis Fowl, teenage criminal mastermind, has solved temporal equations that no human can. So when a confused and frightened demon pops up in a Sicilian theatre, Artemis is there to meet him. Unfortunately, a second mysterious party has also solved the equations and has managed to abduct the demon.

Once again, Artemis will pair up with his old comrade Captain Holly Short, to track down the missing demon, before the spell dissolves completely and the lost demon colony returns violently to Earth.

Read a book with a bird on the cover

Yessss…my all time favorite Harry Potter book has a bird on the cover of the book ! To be fair I don’t have a lot of books with a bird on the cover… But then I realized that The Prisoner of Azkaban was the perfect book for this prompt and I forgot my anger. I mean, how perfect is this?So I am going re-read this book 🙂

Now after a long summer (and some aunt abusing antics), Harry is back at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, with his trusty best friends: Ron and Hermione. Yet, secret and mysterious things are happening in the wizarding world, and Harry is not safe from the dark and dangerous people at large. Who is the infamous Sirius Black, who escaped from the notorious wizard prison: Azkaban? And what could the fugitive Black possibly want with Harry? Harry, Ron and Hermione, spend another magical year at Hogwarts, where Harry learns far more about his past then he could have expected.

13 thoughts on “Olympic Games Readathon!”

  1. I’m sad I missed the Olympic Games Readathon 😢 because you made it look like so much fun!!! Hopefully next year I can participate in more readathons. YES PRIDE AND PREJUDICE IS AMAZING!!!!!! All your book choices fitted the prompts really well. Even though I haven’t read some of them, I hope you enjoy! Or enjoyed…I’m commenting kind of late *oops* 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh ! Hope you get to join next year…there are many amazing readathons all year on…. search on google and you will get a full list..
      . this month I am participating in Disney readathon …and yes PRIDE and PREJUDICE is just spectacular ✨awww.!thank you so much Eleanor ❤️and don’t worry about commenting late…..I am always looking forward to your sweet comments 🥰 maybe we can buddy read a book….this is an idea I just got

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow there really are! I look forward to diving into some of them 😉 Yay, I’m glad you enjoyed Pride & Prejudice!! Awww that means so much Krisha 😀 I love reading your comments too!!!! I’d love to buddy read with you, let me know what books you’re thinking of!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. All the books sound interesting….I love middle grade books too…and Name tags and other grade 6 disasters is definitely on my TBR….and looking forward to the reviews of these books especially Name tags and other 6 grade disasters!


    1. Yes it is surely an innovative idea and am happy the books I have fit the prompts…yep it definitely does….I am halfway through and it is great.I plan on joining another readathon so I selected only 5 books….I am not so fond of re reading but I decided it is fine…. however if I find another book will change the book for prompt

      Liked by 1 person

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