Discussion : Have you always been a reader? What got you interested in reading?

I don’t know when I started my love for reading. I think it started when I was really young. I think I’ve always been a reader. My earliest memories are of my mother or father reading to me, I started reading on my own at age 6, and had a book in my hand ever since.I love reading because it is like a movie in your mind. It is better than a movie because you can make the characters look how you want them to look and what you want their voices to sound like, e.t.c. It is a way to escape the world for a little bit. My mom or dad would read short books to me an I would memorize them word for word.I like to read, but didn’t become a true bookworm until I read books like the classic Enid Blyton series. This one of my first posts a list of my favorite Enid Blyton books I even have written a more detailed post about books vs movies here

And if you love books as much as I do not forget my two quotes pages. One is Bookish Quotes and the other one is Inspirational Harry Potter Quotes Explained !

I would love to hear your opinion too !

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9 thoughts on “Discussion : Have you always been a reader? What got you interested in reading?”

  1. I like to read, but didn’t become a true book worm until late 2008. I read the Twilight series in 3 weeks. For me, that is something. Normally it would take me 3 weeks just read Twilight 😉 Now I just gobble up books in a matter of days.

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  2. Wow!!! you have written this so well. Even I am a very enthusiastic reader and always read books whenever I get time. It is an experience that can transport us to different lands.

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