#DORK DIARIES! – Puppy Love…

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This time, the author came back with a cute and a disastrous story about puppies…..Nikki discovers that someone has left puppies in front of Fuzzy friends, and decides to take turns with her friends taking care of them until Fuzzy friends (adoption center) is able to make space for the 7 puppies…. but unfortuanately this goes terribly wrong!!…


Rachel Renee Russell




This book is really funny, very realistic, and very relatable. …..I would rate this book 5 stars out of 5, because I totally enjoyed it, and I couldn’t put the book down once I started reading it…… I would recommend this book and the Dork Diaries series to anyone who hasn’t read it yet since it’s a book enjoyable for kids and parents alike!!…..read this fabulous book to see what happens next and to unravel all the mysteries!!…..

Haven’t read this book??Read it now!!Or have you read another book from the series?? If yes….feel free to share with me and the viewers in the comments below!!

12 thoughts on “#DORK DIARIES! – Puppy Love…”

    1. Great!!…i havent read all but would love to!!..
      I am glad you liked the books!!
      Would you recommend any particular book to me from the DD series except for this one??

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