#THE FAMOUS FIVE – Five Have A Wonderful Time

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The five friends are on a caravanning holiday….they all are really exited….during their camping, they spy a ruined castle on the top of a hill……they are quite curious to know more about this mysterious casrtle that was probably abondoned on this moor, when they spot a desperate face in the tower window and an adventure beckons…..who is hiding in the lonely and ruined castle and why??……






Mark my words, this book is so amazing!!…..it’s climax is a real thriller…i mean every single chapter is a mystery in itself!!…this book is really the ulimate one written in the series..it so enaging and really hard to put down until it is completely over!!…it should be read by all those young bookworms who love reading mystery as well as adventure!!…read this fabulous adventure novel by Enid Blyton and fall in love with it…. i totally recommend every single novel ever written by author to all the inquisitive readers!!…worth reading for all…..

Haven’t read this book?? Read it now!!Or have you read another book from the series??If yes….feel free to share with me and the viewers in the comments below!!

4 thoughts on “#THE FAMOUS FIVE – Five Have A Wonderful Time”

  1. Great minds think alike!!….i read them when i was 10…i really loved the series a lot..i did not try malory towers as it did not interest me much…but i am glad you liked it!!…thanks a lot Krisha for sharing your opinion with our viewers as well as me!!😀😀

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  2. I love enid blyton books !! I think I must have read most books she has written….however I read them when I was 7-9 yrs and that time I only used to read her books ! Until when I was about to be 10 I started reading books of different authors…my favorite series of enid blyton is malory towers…however I did not complete the famous five series as I had started reading different authors and then I had become too old to read them ! But I have read the first three I think….I even have written a list of my favorite enid blyton books

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