Un – doubt your doubts!

Looking for some inspiration? Some personal uplift and empowerment? This book has been few of my favorites that I have always recommended.

Sometimes a good book is exactly what you need. Whether you’re having a bad day (or a bad year) or just want a good read.

I was 10 when i some how got some curious questions in my mind. I used to always wonder what the answers to these questions might be!!…Then someone from ISKON ( where i used to go every Sunday ) gave me this fabulous book!…I read this book day and night, and i did not leave it even for a moment!…after reading this marvellous book, my perspective about life changed entirely!….

UnDoubt your Doubts | Bhaktivedanta Library Services

So, Un Doubt Your Doubts…as the name suggests is a wonderful book where you can have all the questions related to life, answered in a elegant way!!

A few questions whose answers i really found interesting, motivating as well as inspiring are as follows –

  1. What are ghosts? How can we protect ourselves from them ?

2. Does god exist?

3. What is death ? And what one experiences after death?

4. Does hell exist ? Are the descriptions of various sufferings in hell true ?

5. Why do bad things happen to good people ?

……and many more !

So, if you want to know the scientific and clear-cut answers to these questions, you must read this book!

And if you already know the answers, still you need to read this book, to find out whether your answers are correct or false!

Aren’t they some really amazing questions?

Do you all wanna know their equally curious answers?

Then you should surely read this fabulous book!

How do you feel after reading this review…share your opinion in the comments below!!

I am eagerly waiting for replies!!

9 thoughts on “Un – doubt your doubts!”

  1. Wow ! This definitely looks like an interesting book . And yes am really curious to know the answers to these intriguing questions ! I have not read this book yet but I have read a similar book to it.

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