A Christmas Carol !

Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol by Tony Mitton

In the city of London, on the night of Christmas Eve, Ebenezer Scrooge, a bitter, cold – hearted old miser, refuses his nephew’s invitation for Christmas dinner and rudely turns away the gentleman seeking donation for the poor!

And as he comes to sit down alone in his cold, dark apartment, he is visited by the ghost of Jacob Marley, his dead partner. Haggard and double-ironed, Marley is cursed to wander the Earth. As Marley relates his unfortubate story, Scrooge is warned. And before Marley leaves, Scrooge is told that he will be haunted by Three Spirits!

As the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present ans Christmas Yet To Come take Scrooge on respective journeys, will he learn the true meaning of the season??….Will Ebenezer Scrooge be redeemed??

I read the excerpt of this fabulous book in school. I was so enthusiastic to know happens next!!..this lead me to buy this amazing book by Charles Dickens!!….I totally loved reading this book….It was full of compassion and humour!..it was a thriller and so fun reading…every chapter had a suspence of it’s own..i was really a inspiration for me!!

Reading this book changed my perspective about Christmas entirely!!…i actually got to know the true meaning of Christmas in one’s life….i learned it’s importance too!!

Have you already read the book??…I would love to know your experience too!!

Or would you like to read the book too after reading my review??….share your opinion in the comments below!!

I am eagerly waiting for some replies!!

5 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol !”

  1. Yep,we saw the movie too!!….i mean we are in same school !!….thanks, for the appreciation…you should surely read this amazing book!!

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