Little Women

Little Women is a fantastic, heart touching book by Lousia May Alcott, written in the year 1868 . It revolves around four sisters; Meg, the eldest of the four who is a sweet and kind- hearted person and the prettiest of them; Jo, a tomboy who is not ladylike at all in her appearance as well as her manners. She is the  protagonist of the story. Beth, a sweet timid little thing who is the most bashful of them all and only confides her feelings to her wild sister Jo; and Amy who is a vain little thing, and thinks she is the most important person in the world. And of course Marmee who is the common bond between the sisters and gives them good values and advices.

The story begins on Christmas Eve and each of them is grumbling because they are poor. Despite their poverty, the girls learn how to feel contented. Their house is a  paradise, filled with laughter, merriment and love. Jo has always been my personal favourite as her character comes out the most naturally in the book. She is one of those girls who does not care about her looks, but has more important priorities in life.

Then comes the entry of their lonely neighbour Laurie. The first one to befriend him is Jo, who meets him at a ball. I love the chemistry and friendship which starts after this. Jo and Laurie were the best of friends and Alcott has portrayed this beautifully. I always wished that Jo and Laurie end up together but it was always a one-sided relationship. Laurie always loved Jo, but Jo never returned his feelings. She started loving Professor Bhaer, a man she met in New York. Laurie was really disheartened but he eventually fell in love with Amy and married her.Then suddenly the story takes a turn. Beth is diagnosed with scarlet fever and despite the best efforts of her sisters and mother, she dies. That part in the book was so emotional that it actually brought tears to my eyes. Alcott brought the emotions out perfectly. That part was really heart wrenching. The book comes to a happy ending, with each of the little women contented in thier married life.

This book is a classic and always will remain very close to my heart. I have read it umpteen number of times. There were some parts I did not like such as Beth’s death and Laurie and Jo not ending up together. As a whole this book has been a fabulous read and I highly recommend it to everyone.

This review is written by Tanishka . However as she was facing some problems with the invite. She asked me to publish it for. Do checkout her blog !

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