# Sisters!

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Riana can not wait to be a big sister! But once Amara is born, things are not the way she quite expected them to be…

Amara is cute, but she is also really very cranky and a grouchy young baby! ( Of course like the way all young sister are !! ) She mostly prefers to be all alone or rather all by herself…

Thier relationship does not improve much over the years. But when their baby brother enters the picture, and later, when something doesn’t seem right between their parents, they realise that they must figure out how to get along. I mean they are sisters after all!!

I really love this book alot!!…i read the entire book in an hour only!!….i mean i just could not stop reading it …with every chapter the story got more interesting and tense…a person who has a younger sibling can really relate to it ( especially the one with a younger sister !! )…..the incidents, accidents and those funny instances are so vividly described, that it looks almost so realistic!!

This being a comic also adds a big booster to the the understanding power of the readers…each scene is illustrated very beautifully as well as elegantly…it really helps you to imagine the scene in a much better way, thus resulting in the improvement of the reader’s imagination power!!…isn’t that just great?

All the more, the humour added to every part of the book makes it more engaging to read and re – read!! overall, i would surely recommended this fabulous book to all the people reading my review….this book is totally worth reading for all, parents and kids alike!!

Have you already read the book??…I would love to know your experience too!!

Or would you like to read the book too after reading my review??….share your opinion in the comments below!!

I am eagerly waiting for some replies!!

20 thoughts on “# Sisters!”

    1. I am glad you liked this book!…This was my first experience reading a comic and i totally loved it!
      Have you also read other books by this author?

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    1. Yep…this book is really very captivating!….it was such a wonderful experience reading it!!
      Did your sister like this book?…..how was her experience??

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  1. Thanks…i have just read smile and sisters…planning to read the other books in the series too…will surely see your post on smile and ghost…
    Yep..i agree…comic books are really fun to read especially with their splendid graphics!!

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  2. Glad you decided to read sisters….I love all the books in the series Smile, Sisters, Ghosts, Drama and Guts !
    I have even written a review for Smile and Ghosts. And the best part it is a graphic novel which makes it a quick read…..I too read the books within an hour !

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