All About Slam Books!

Every individual’s life is full of beautiful memories, experiences and relationships…Over the course of life we meet various kinds of individuals, some are not so good while some are the best according to us!

Even as we grow old it is really important to remember friends who helped you and went with you through thick and thin…

So to cherish such worth remembering memories the concept of a slam book has started…

It is a simple but colourful book full of various questions…

All you have to do is to make your friend fill it…it has basic as well as interesting questions to know more about them and their likings!

This way you will be able to know more about your friends and their likes and dislikes….also it will be a good way to cherish your memories too!

Overall, every youngster should have a slam book with them….

I was in grade 3 when I got my first slam book and it was something new and exciting for me…i really liked it alot…i made all my friends fill in it…it came to be quite useful too when i shifted from that place…

All of us can of course be in touch with our friends through WhatsApp….but a slam book is in itself a very unique and elegant way to remember them…

This is the slam book I have and I would surely recommend to all the viewers if they want a new one or don’t have any…

  • The Colours Of Friendship
Buy Colours of Friendship: A Slam Book Book Online at Low Prices ...

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

So would you too want a slam book after reading my review??

Or if you you already have one….then I would love to know your experience too!

Share your opinion in the comments below!

I am eagerly awaiting some replies!

20 thoughts on “All About Slam Books!”

    1. Your reblogged post was so cool…loved reading it…thanks a lot again..hope you like my future posts too !!…😁😁

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  1. Good this post went forward and more people can now cherish their memories…yes slam books are really a very unique way of storing your memories…this is something really very different from writing on shirts and other bits and pieces…this is the most special and the best way to always relive your memories!😊

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  2. Reblogged this on Magical BookLush and commented:
    This slam book post just took me back in time. Nowadays we write on shirts but I remember my primary school in Africa and how I wrote in everyone’s book and they wrote in mine. Old memories have their own beauty. Follow this wonderful log to find some great posts. 💖✌😊

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  3. Best post ever!!! I remember having my slam book filled with the most beautiful memories on earth. I am reblogging it cuz you just took me back to my primary school days. 💖💖✌😊

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    1. Thanks a lot for appreciating my post😀😀…it is so sweet of you😘…great this post helped you refresh your childhood memories…i am so happy you liked it😊

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      1. It deserved all the appreciation, it was great…thank you for your kind words… I had a literal flashback and it was so beautiful… I am glad you write such great posts💖✌😊.

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      2. Thanks😃….it is so good of you!
        Great this post benefitted you…I am so glad 😃
        I am so happy to meet such a kind and friendly person like you🥰🥰

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  4. Yes…so true…slam books are truely a beautiful and unique way to store your memories of the people you met in your course of life…and then later on cherishing them and enjoying the look and feel of it!

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  5. Yes definitely slam book is a great way to store memories….I really enjoyed filling the slam books of my friends and yours… really heartfelt….And I love filling slam books and after that looking at after so many years and cherishing and laughing at those memories and likes and dislikes and how much have we changed

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