Discussion : Ways to overcome reading slumps

The year is new and the time is right to become your awesome – and very well-read – future self. So here are some foolproof ways to get out of a reading slump.

Re-reading a favourite– Nothing will remind you of how much you love reading like revisiting an old favorite. Find your well-worn copy of Pride and Prejudice or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone . You already know what’s going to happen in the next chapter, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the story.

Reading a novella/ short book– Finishing a book, no matter how easy, will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and remind you of how much fun reading is.Also try reading something funny.There’s nothing like reading a book that has you laughing out loud. And the positive feelings you get from reading your humorous book will transfer over as you start on your next novel.

Reading another genre-Getting stale is a common reason that many book lovers find themselves stuck in a reading slump. No matter how much you love Harry Potter, the Chamber of Secrets doesn’t seem so exciting the tenth time round. If it’s all feeling a little too familiar, why not try a new genre? Ask for recommendations from friends and family, and prepare for an exciting experiment ahead.

Joining Goodreads– Goodreads is one of the best places to find like-minded readers to join with. Most clubs have a new book each month that they try to read together so they can discuss it. Having people to buddy read with and talk to can help you come out of your slump as being able to rant about your least favourite characters or do buddy reads.

Take time off reading– Forcing yourself to read will take the joy out of it and isn’t that why we do it? So just get up and find something else to do. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like reading. You dread picking up a book. Don’t force yourself! Watch an episode of that TV show you’ve been wanting to see. Start a new hobby.

What’s a way you’ve gotten out of a reading slump before? What has put you in a slump? Comment below!

29 thoughts on “Discussion : Ways to overcome reading slumps”

  1. I really love this post, it’s just so accurate! I get into horrible slumps if I’m forced to read a book I’m not enjoying, OR if I read an amazing book and everything afterwards just pales in comparison. That’s when I go and re-read my favorite ^_^ Amazing post!

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    1. Thanks 🧡 I can completely relate to those reasons ! you should never force yourself to read a book you are not enjoying it will only put you in a greater slump 😦 YEs same even I go and reread …my favs are fast paced funny books …we are really similar😉


  2. Nice post 🙂 One of the reasons I have gotten into a reading slump are I just finished a GREAT BOOK and can’t stop thinking about it.
    This is also known as a book hangover, and let me tell you: it’s WONDERFUL and awful. On one hand, I read an amazing book that has become one of my new favorites but on the other, I AM NOW IN A SLUMP.
    Rereading one of my favorite books always works to get me out of a reading slump !


  3. Lovely post !! I really need to re read Pride and Prejudice 🙂 And I am on goodreads and it is great it is so fun making bookish friends discussing about stuff

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  4. This is an awesome piece of advice. I have been in a major reading slump for a month. I can’t get over the fact that my grandfather passed away on 26th July 2 years ago and that is devastatingly hard for me. Thank you so much Krisha. This is a beautiful post. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you!! 💖✌😊


    1. Thanks 😊 That is sad I too have been in a reading slump in June and your grandfather past away that must have been hard …..hope you are feeling better now ….and thanks for the sweet comment

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    1. Thanks….that is great I think the one that works best for me is usually reading a graphic novel or a fast paced funny book….but it all depends on what put you in a slump in the first place

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      1. A great example of fast paced books is Percy Jackson my all time fav.I was not a huge fan of graphic novels either but after reading smile and the other books in the series I love graphic novels
        Smile was a book about a middle schooler girl and all the problems she faced after she broke her front two teeth ..it was really relatable and the graphics added an unique twist to it


  5. Nice ideas to get over reading slump!…..though i never experienced it since was always an inquisitive bookworm…and not to forget, a crazy potterhead too!….really loved reading this post and would surely recommend it to my other friends too!

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  6. Cool ideas here ….but my idea of book reading os yhe time I spend with myself. I dont really look for any company and enjoy the quiesce and space to do so.

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  7. I don’t know why I can’t make myself re-read a book unless it’s for exams… I feel there’s so much to read, why should I waste time re-reading a book. Though I know reading a book again gives you a better understanding n insight

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    1. Yes….I too feel that sometimes….but it does help me…Once after reading a big book which was really slow paced reading my all time favorite Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief it really helped me…but again the ways you use to overcome a reading slump may differ….the most effective way for me to get out of a reading slump is reading short books or comics and graphic novels !

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  8. Even when my ADD has me so unfocused I can’t read a book, I try to read articles online or in magazines just because I love reading. I never ever want to become like every other member of my family who consider reading some sort of punishment 😦

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