NANCY DREW – The Mystery Of The Old Clock!

The Secret of the Old Clock (book) | Nancy Drew Wiki | Fandom

Nancy Drew is a helpful girl who loves mysteries. In this story, Nancy, unaided, seeks to find a missing will. To the surprise of many, the Topham family will inherit wealthy Josiah Crowley’s fortune, instead of deserving relatives and friends who were promised inheritances.

Nancy determines that a clue to a second will might be found in an old clock Mr. Crowley had owned and she seeks to find the timepiece. She found a notebook that told her where the will is. So she gets the will and all Josiah Crowley’s relatives and friends get a share of his money. Her search not only tests her keen mind, but also leads her into a thrilling adventure.

The main character in this book is Nancy Drew, a young girl detective. She is very smart, kind, helpful, caring, and honest. Nancy is 18 and lives only with her Dad. She is a risk taker and is smart enough to get out of those difficulties and is very brave.

The theme of this Nancy Drew book is helpfulness. I think this because she goes on this entire adventure just to (at first) help two old women. As she got into it, she found out that more people needed help. So it became more important for her to accomplish this mission and to find Josiah Crowly’s clock. So she worked really hard to help all these people who needed the money. She put herself in danger to help these poor people. When Nancy did find the clock and soon the will, she felt great to have helped everyone!

Being a mystery lover, I really loved this book alot…It was full of adventure and suspence !…As you start reading this book you get more and more engaged to find the missing will…it gradually becomes really captivating…

It feels as if you are Nancy Drew and are solving this mission….the author has so vividly described that you get into the character….you start feeling their emotions and your brain suddenly starts plotting ways to find the will!

This book will surely improve your imagination power and your ability to build up on the clues found in the book….this book is surely worth reading and recommended by me to all those people who are reading my review!

Have you already read the book??…I would love to know your experience too!!

Or would you like to read the book too after reading my review??….share your opinion in the comments below!!

I am eagerly waiting for some replies!!

20 thoughts on “NANCY DREW – The Mystery Of The Old Clock!”

  1. Oh wow, I read so many Nancy Drew books when I was young. My local library didn’t have a lot of funding, but they had a huge back catalogue of super old books like these, so I read them all. I loved these ones and the Hardy Boys mysteries too! Great review!

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    1. Hey thanks a lot for your love and support…it really encourages me to write better in all of my upcoming posts…
      Great you read the series of Nancy drew😊😊…I am so happy
      Which book in the Nancy drew series did you like the best??

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh ok…I haven’t read the hidden staircase but have got to know from many of my friends that it is a really good book…many people have recommended me that book…I think that now I should surely read it…thanks a lot!!
        Do read my other posts too!

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