Nortan Juster Book: The Phantom Toolbooth!

The Phantom Tollbooth (Essential Modern Classics) eBook by Norton ...

When Milo recieves a mysterious and intriguing package through the post, all his previous feelings of boredom are banished. Having nothing better to do, he points his pedal car towards the starange land beyond the tollbooth and quicker than a flash he’s entered the Kingdom of Wisdom, where every thing is unexpected…

So in the story, Milo has to go on a journey to rescue the Princesses Rhyme and Reason from the Castle in the Air.

Milo starts in the Doldrums and nearly gets stuck there!! But Tock the watchdog pushes him on, through Dictionopolis, where they grow words, into the Forest of Sight and through the Valley of Sound, to Digitopolis where they mine for numbers!!

On the way Milo meets a great many strange people. My favourite of them is Chroma, who conducts the orcestra of colours! When Milo tries conducting the orcrestra himself, he makes a dreadful hash!! I even kind of liked the sprightly dodecahedron, the exact mathemagician or the over confident humbug!!

And not to forget the demons that Milo meets in Ignorance that are really a nightmare indeed!! I am still frieghtened of the one without the face, it yet gives me goosebums!! I even despiced the weak little one who sends people in the deep dark pit! Even the jelly giant was quite scary!!

I really loved this book took me to my own world of fantasy…the author has very elegantly and vividly described everything!!….i could clearly imagine all the characters in my mind!!

Mark my words, this marvellous book will surely improve your imagination power!! So do read it!

Have you already read the book??…I would love to know your experience too!!

Or would you like to read the book too after reading my review??….share your opinion in the comments below!!

I am eagerly waiting for some replies!!

21 thoughts on “Nortan Juster Book: The Phantom Toolbooth!”

    1. Yeah, Phantom Tollbooth is really an awesome book..I am glad you liked my review…
      By the way, who is your favourite character and how much would you rate this book?? ( just curious)
      And thanks a lot for visiting our site, hope you like read my other posts too!!🥰🥰

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      1. Ahah I’m so sorry, I just saw this.

        I read this book last summer lol but I remember enjoying the music color orchestra and the numbers & words. Plus, Tock is cute 😀 I really liked the royal banquet too because the food descriptions were amazing!

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      2. It is fine, it can happen sometimes!
        As you can see in my comments and my post, we both love The Orchestra and Tock!… what a coincidence!…I read this book in 2018, which means two years ago!
        I am glad you liked this book and my reiew!

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  1. We read this book in 5 th grade and I really liked it it was so thoughtful and all our daily like expirencence s were intricated in this fantasy book ! However sometimes I felt the book was quite slow paced therefore sometimes boring …. overall it was a good book

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    1. Yep…of course we are in the same school!…yes the author had very well compared the incidents in the book to real life instances….the fact as you say it was boring sometimes was a opinion that depends from person to person…otherwise i loved the book and i am happy that you liked the book too!
      Anyways which was your favourite character?

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