Sudha Murty Book: The Man From The Egg!

The Man from the Egg by Sudha Murty

Did you know that Bhrama once had five heads?

Or why does Shiva sport a cresent moon on his head?

Or were you wanting to know the answer of the facts of whether gods cheat?

Then you must read this book!!

So this book is all about the trinity, consisting of Bhrama, Shiva and Vishnu, who are none other than the omnipresent trio who were responsible for the survival of the human race as well as the world that we know it today!!

They are popular dities of worship all over India, but what remains largely unknown is their extraordinary story!!

The award winning author Sudha Murthy walks by your side weaving this enchanting tale of the three most powerful gods!!

And mark my words….each story will take you back to the magical time when pwople used to teleport, animals could fly and reincarnation was simply a fact of life!! Isn’t that amazing?

I really loved this book alot!!….i got to learn many new facts related to the three gods…it was so fun reading!!…this book was overall very factual and informative, and told beautifully by the author…i even loved the illustrations of each god drawn in the book…it looked so magnificent and realistic!!

I would surely recommend this book to all those young inquisitive readers who love to read just anything about the world beyond !! The world of gods!

Have you already read the book??…I would love to know your experience too!!

Or would you like to read the book too after reading my review??….share your opinion in the comments below!!

I am eagerly waiting for some replies!!

7 thoughts on “Sudha Murty Book: The Man From The Egg!”

      1. Sure….but ordering from Amazon now is. Real risk….will read it when the situation easens… sounds like a great book though….I have a similar book like this it actually my father’s and it is really a fat book 1000 pages !!!! It answers spiritual questions like this one and is really intricate….read it in lockdown only 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yep it is really very risky…
        This book sure is really very interesting 👌😉
        1000 pages is quite a lot…glad you read it…
        Even I love reading spiritual books…can you please tell me the books name…will surely buy it once the pandemic is over…..I am so happy you recommended me this book…😃😃

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