Discussion: Physical Books vs E Books vs Audio Books

Physical Books :


  1. The Feel – Nothing can beat the feel of reading a new book. That lovely fragrance of new book and the way you keep it with so much care and love, is just beyond eBooks and audiobooks . Apart from this, books carry sentimental values too.

I think I come in the second category. yes, I smell my books. Don’t you?

2.No/less eye strain – Reading a book causes much less eye strain as compared with an eBook. If you are reading a book with correct siting posture and at a right distance, it won’t cause any eye strain at all.

3. They are so pretty and they come in hardcover. I just love collecting books.


  1. They are expensive !!

2. They are heavy ! You can’t multitask easily while reading a paperback.

3. They are not for monsters.



1.E-Books are portable. I think this is one of the advantages people like most. You can carry several books with you, without having to make an effort, without even having to think about it. They are there with you on your device.An entire library at your fingertips!

2.No trees die! 

3.Save space.


1. I’ve seen people run out of batteries often enough. Paper books don’t run out of batteries.It happens to me many times too.

2. You don’t get book satisfaction.There is something I like about turning pages.

3.You have to stare at a screen. Eye strain, from staring at screens too long, has become a health problem. 

Audiobooks :


1.One of the best things about audiobooks is that you have the freedom to multitask. You can continue listening to your audiobook if the other tasks do not require much of your attention. Like using it while exercising in the gym or taking a walk.

2. Audiobooks are blessing for people with visual impairments

3. Like E-Books they are environment-friendly and it does not occupy any space in your room


1. Personally I feel audiobooks are boring. Once while reading an audiobook I felt asleep.

2.Also once again like e-books you cannot get the feel of turning pages

3.Like E-Books if your device dies half-way , you are suddenly left with no way to enjoyably pass the time.

Out of all the three my personal favorite is physical books .However convenient are ebooks and entertaining are audiobooks, there is nothing like picking up a paper book, flipping through the pages .Looking at the beautiful covers. Nothing beats physical books.

What do you prefer physical books, E- books or Audiobooks. Why ? I would love to chat in the comments.

39 thoughts on “Discussion: Physical Books vs E Books vs Audio Books”

  1. I’ll have to say physical books. Yes, e-books can be very convenient if you’re traveling and don’t want to add too much weight to your baggage. It’s just that the feel of a book in your hands, the turning of the page, the smell of a page…all are just so pleasant. 😀


  2. great discussion! i prefer physical books most of all, because i just find them easier to read. ebooks are also distracting to me because i just switch between my ereader app and other social media apps! i do love audiobooks though, for multitasking, and for whenever i can’t focus on actual words in front of me ❤ but i don't agree with your second point in your cons list for audiobooks — saying that audiobooks isn't actual reading is pretty ableist towards people who can only read by reading audiobooks!

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    1. Thanks ! That is great ….yes but recently I have been reading a lot of e-books as I have not got a chance to step out of my house….yes audiobooks are great but I think like I told they are not just for me…….I have told that audio books are a blessing for people with impairments…..and am sorry if that is controversial will change it ….thanks for telling


  3. Hi, Krisha! Paperbacks definitely are better, the foxing and the sweet smell, I just love it. E-books don’t give you the feeling a paperback does. I read somewhere you are 12, high five! I am 12 too. Looking forward to making your acquaintance. 🤗

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  4. Great post… really very interesting as well as informative!!😃😃…I prefer reading physical books because audio books cause pain in my ears if I listen to it for a very long time and e books just don’t have that look and feel that physical books have!!😅

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    1. Thanks 😊…..that is great we are so similar…..I rarely listen to audio books because like I told I get really bored and am not sure even if it is called reading for the matter of fact…..yes lately however the situation has forced me to read e books

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  5. Hey!
    This post is amazing!

    I haven’t tried audiobooks yet but I’m scared I might fall asleep like you do or find the book boring… I just don’t think it’s my thing…
    As for e-books, I already read one but I didn’t like it as much as paperback, there’s not the flipping pages, the hold of it (I don’t know why but I love holding big books in my hands, I love the feeling of it and also, I know if the book is almost finished or not) and the smell! Not all physical books have a smell but most do and I love it!
    My favorite type is physical books, for many reasons they are just the best to me!

    Happy you love them too 😉

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  6. So much agree with the above comments…I.love to hold a book, smell it and feel it…it’s an experience in itself! I love browsing through the pages I have read and draw context from it by revisiting them…I like to keep bookmarks handy so that I can do that..audiobooks won’t let me do the same…

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  7. I feel ya.. I bought a kindle recently for its portability..but i can’t stop collecting physical books..want to have my own huge library one day

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  8. I am a huge fan of Ebooks and have read my last 400+ books on my Kindle Paperwhite. Eyestrain is only an issue when people read ebooks on tablets and phones because of the backlight. My Kindle uses E Ink with no back light.
    I love paper books for the look and esthetic.
    I’ve never been able to warm up to audiobooks.

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  9. Very well written Krisha. I personally also prefer physical books. Flipping through the pages and that feel of a new book in hand which you mentioned just give an amazing experience.

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  10. I too am a fan of physical books….
    By the way the blog is wonderfully written Krisha… especially with the toons….great work!

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  11. Hi Drisha totally loved ur blog on books and Diy crafts. I simply love physical books coz of their smell and the touch.
    Keep up the grt work and continue writing ur corner ✌️👌

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      1. Great post Krisha. I too was a huge fan of paper back. But over a period of time I found though I have completed reading the book it becomes emotionally difficult for me to dispose the book and they then start occupying a lot of space and also weight. So over the period of time shifted to ebooks and now i am good with them. I think it was just a mindset issue for me. But like you never got along with audio books. I just never know when I fell asleep.
        Great post and i specially liked the toons in both your blogs. Do you find them from somewhere or create it yourself using some tool

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