25 + Posts That I Have Till Date !

Hey guys as you all know that this fabulous blog was started by Krisha!

She is one of my my bestest and closest friends…I being a crazy bookworm like Krisha got interested in becoming a co – author for this wonderful blog when i got to know that she has come up with this brilliant idea!

Sorry, i forgot to introduce myself…so i am Jheel and I am 12 years old… I am someone who loves reading anything and everything, not to forget that i am crazy potterhead too!..The percy jackson series and the girl who drank the moon ( I will soon be writing a review on this fantastic book )come next in my endless list of favourite books…

So, it has been two months since i have started my new as well as successful blogging experience on Krisha’s Cosy Corner! And all the credit goes to Krisha!! Not to forget that we are close to having 100 followers! Isn’t that so great??

So i think that you all deserve to know all the posts i have published on this fabulous blog till date! Here is my grand list!

Do check all of my posts…I hope you all will like them!

And if you do, then please like and comment on them!

It will be really very motivating for me to know your point of views about my posts…I am sure it will help me write better in all of my upcoming posts!

I am eagerly awaiting your replies!!


21 thoughts on “25 + Posts That I Have Till Date !”

  1. Hello, Jheel! Welcome to this site. You’re doing a good job so far.

    My TTT . I didn’t see your Top Ten Tuesday post anywhere here, but I hope you write one for next week! 🙂

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    1. Hey Hi..thanks a lot😘😘..
      Great..will surely check your TTT and write mine too next week….
      Actually this post was not a out Top Ten Tuesday so that is why you did not see it..but I will make sure I write one next week..thanks once again😃😃

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  2. Jheel…. Can you tell me some good blog writers who write blogs like mine?…. I mean, the ones with a theme similar to mine… It will be of great help
    Have searched on readers in WordPress, but thought of asking you….

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  3. You are most welcome !
    No problem..will try to follow but there is risk..can’t assure you but yes will do my best😊😊
    Do participate in the bookmark competition..have mentioned details and the link to the original post in my day before yesterday’s post..do check it out..I will be awaiting your bookmark😊😊

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  4. Thanks for your motivational words
    Hope to get more followers ☺☺
    Will surely change my username
    Thanks for telling me the steps to change it😊
    No worries…. It is fine if you are not allowed…. But surely…. I look forward your name in the followers list

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  5. Well…. Its going well…. Not too many followers…. But that is okay… Well, blogspot is quite safe… So hackers will not be able to access it…. But, anyways….. Its upto you

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    1. Great..dont worry..I am sure you will have more followers as your blog expands.
      Oh ok..will see..not sure whether i will be allowed but will surely try😁😁

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  6. Congratulations dearest Jheel…. You write sooooo brilliantly… It just steals my heart…. Keep the good work going and all the best for all your future ventures…. And also this blog

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    1. Thanks Avishi😊😊…it is so sweet of you😘😘…your appreciation sure is really very motivating for me..it really gives me more enthusiasm to write better in all of my upcoming posts 😉😉..thanks once again for you wishes and kind words..

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      1. No problem Jheel…. You write so well….. You deserve this appreciation
        Well…. This is Avishi, Jheel… My username is a bit different 😊😊

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      2. Hey..thanks a ton Avishi😀😘
        Well Krisha told me and then also I can acess the user information being the author of this fabulous blog…you can change your name too Avishi…I daily change my username too😅😅😅..all you have to do is to click on the icon on the top right and change your public display name..it sure is very easy🥰🥰..you can change you name to whatever you want..there actually is no restriction but remember it is social 😃😃
        Anyways how is your blog going Avishi??… How many followers do you have??…so sorry I am not updated..have not checked it recently😔😔…also I cannot follow you since I don’t want to use my email as there is the risk of hacking..otherwise your blog is really very cool and I hope it is successful like that forevermore!!

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  7. Ahh that was so sweet of you and thank u so much for your kind words ! Glad you finally introduced your self so now the readers know you better 🙂 And yes now we have 116 followers ! Glad you decided to become a co- author . It has been really fun to blog with a friend …..and you write really well hope to see more such amazing posts

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    1. Your most welcome 😀😀..
      Yeah…now there will be no more confusion too🤣🤣…. it will be clear who has published the which post..
      I am so happy that we have 115 + followers..great that this blog is moving ahead and getting more popular as well as better day by day!!
      I has been a wonderful experience being a co -author with you…I got to learn many new things..it sure has helped me a lot..overall as I have mentioned in my post, it has been a fun and successful blogging journey..I hope it continues to be like that..
      Thanks a lot 😙😙
      Yeah I hope you like all of my upcoming posts too!!😁
      Anyways…thanks a lot for your motivation Krisha!!😘😘

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