BOOK REVIEW: The Wrinkle In Time !

In A WRINKLE IN TIME, Meg’s father, an eminent physicist,has been missing for a few years, an occurrence that sets the towns tongues wagging, and causes Meg untold distress. She hates school and is falling behind in her work, and is troubled by why her precious father would have just upped and left his family.

When her young brother, Charles Wallace tells her about some interesting visitors he as met, and takes Meg to see them, her lift gets turned upside down. Soon Meg, Charles and Meg’s school friend Calvin are on an epic adventure to go and rescue her dad.

Dr. Murry is a prisoner on a planet ruled by IT, a giant pulsating brain that controls the minds of everyone on the planet. Charles Wallace also falls under IT’s control, and when Meg finds her father, she discovers that he is not the invincible protector she thought he was. She must not only come to terms with this realization, but find a way to rescue them both.

Will they be able to overcome the terrible tasks ahead of them, or will they be the one who fails??

For many children, reading this book is a turning point in their intellectual lives, opening to them worlds of science and literary complexity. Those who like action and adventure enjoy its science fiction story, filled with strange creatures and Meg’s showdown with IT. People who aren’t terribly popular enjoy watching an outcast become a hero, and doing so by finding that their faults as well as their strengths.

Grown scientists who read A Wrinkle in Time recall it as being a book that encouraged openness to imaginative speculation, the root of all scientific inquiry and creativity. Parents who want to expose their children to women and girls who are passionate about math and science would do well to slip their child a copy of this book. Not only do Meg and her mother fit this particular bill, but Meg is also the one who wages the battle between good and evil.

You need to know that A Wrinkle in Time is one of the great works of literature for kids. Besides being an exciting story, its messages of individuality, nonconformity, friendship and courage have inspired generations of readers. This is a wonderful book for kids who’ve ever felt “different” or lonely or who have wrestled with loss. It celebrates the power of individuality, bravery, and love. 

This book is so creative…..the characters are dark and dangerous when infuriated but on the other hand are also calm, kind and brave when you look at their optimistic sides….

Overall this book was packed with mystery, danger, fun and enjoyment all at the same time!!

Once you start reading it, the book gets really very captivating that it is really hard to put down…..your brain starts plotting ways to save the characters from problems, you start trying to think of ways to help them in the safest and best possible way and making traps for the enemies too!!

Do mark my words that this book is surely going to improve or rather stimulate your creativity and boost your imagination power too!…the scenes and incidents are so vividly described that you get into the character as well as the gradual flow of the book….

Every chapter in this fantastic book has a suprise as well as a mystery…

I totally recommend every single novel ever written by the author as well as this book to every single person reading my review….this book and all the other write ups are really worth reading!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Have you already read the book??…I would love to know your experience too!!

I would love to know your star ratings too!

Or would you like to read the book too after reading my review??

29 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: The Wrinkle In Time !”

  1. I read this book quite a while ago and remember really, really loving it. Just recently, I watched the movie based on it… I, in the kindest way possible, did NOT like it at all. The film was not all bad, but it was sure a huge let down compared to the novel.
    I agree 100% on your thoughts – it was a great book, despite the movie that came after.

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    1. I read this book last year loved it!!
      I think I too watched the movie recently….and I totally agree with you that the movie was a huge disappointment…the characters were not depicted correctly nor was the storyline as vividly described as much in the book…
      I am glad you liked my thoughts, this book as well as my review!!
      Thanks a lot for sharing you opinion with me!!!

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      1. Thanks…you really are very kind and friendly!..yeah, I did enjoy the book a lot!!
        Will surely write write more of such awesome reviews for sweet viewers like you!

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  2. I loved wrinkle of time 🙂 It was a great book… favorite character is meg ! she is so relatetable and she has multiple flawed which makes the story even better and who would like to read a story of perfect character without any flaw right ! I would rate it 4 stars .

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    1. Hey thanks…even loved this book a lot!!…my favourite character though is Charles Wallace!!..even Meg was an inspirational character!!…yep, totally agree with you Krisha!!…Great! Iwould rate this 4.5 starts!!

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  3. Great post! What age range is this book for? Also which font do you use for the end-signature? I asked this before but I wasn’t able to get to know and I really need to know, so please tell me!

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    1. Even i love this book!! was so interesting and engaging!..i am glad you liked it!
      What is your star ratings for this book??…mine in 4.5 as i have mentioned in my post

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      1. Oh ok…no problem..I am happy you liked the book as well as my review and got a chance to cherish the memories of this fabulous book!!
        Also, I visited your blog, yesterday, totally loved it❤❤

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