Percy Jackson Book Tag

Favourite character?

Krisha: Duh , Percy is everything that most people want to be- humble and modest, yet a hero. Percy Jackson is the Son of Poseidon, and the strongest character in the book, yet he doesn’t seem to care or brag about any of it. Percy is truly the best.

Jheel: I toally love Chiron….he is really wise and knowledgeable too…he is a really good teacher who surely lead you to the way of success in life…also being along with him, you will be able to learn many new things too…that will be really useful in life😀😀

Least favourite character?

Krisha: Smelly Gabe! I despise him !

Jheel: According to me i did not like Clarisse much…there were actually endless reasons for it too…she was always wanting good things to be on her side..and she did not like anyone who was better than her…she did not mingle with people easily too..that was actually the worst part about her..😔😔

Who is your favourite god ?

Krisha: I like seeing Apollo improve and change a lot in the trials of Apollo. He would be the best god if he returns to be a god. Apollo literally has a whole series about him. I don’t see how Zeus or Poseidon could possibly be above him. Also Hades is just a misunderstood god who has been treated like crap from his brothers and all of the other gods. He truly cares about his children ! Another thing Hades never broke the oath that he was forced to agree with.

Jheel: Lady Hestia….i mean who would deny that??….she was really warm as well as composing to everyone around her…she understood everyone feeling too…she was someone who could lead you on the right path during any kind of crisis..just like she did for percy..😊😊

Who is your least favourite god ? (SPOILER ALERT )

Krisha: This is a easy one. Hera !She wipes the memory of 2 people and replacing them in different parts of the world and even in different versions of the Greek Gods. She also sends cows to poop everywhere Annabeth goes. She only wants a beautiful family and threw out her own son and blamed it on Zeus.The stuff she did in HOO is inexcusable.

Jheel: Lady Hera…she was never some one who inspired me…she always cared about a perfect family…she wasn’t understanding towards anyone..she just cared only and only about perfection…that was truely the worst part about her ..wasn’t it??..anyone would naturally hate her..🤔🤔

Which is your favourite book ?

Krisha: The Last Olympian
This book served as the perfect ending to the series tying down everything perfectly and even gave hints to what would happen in the Heroes of Olympus series! The climax was also pretty satisfying with elements of tragedy mixed with the victory. Both father and son duos shined in the end and the scene where Zeus had to thank them was hilarious.I was totally here for the plot, characters, and witty dialogue

Jheel: Sea of Monsters…of course!!…it was such a thriller…all the difficuties they faced were so beautifully resolved in the book…the suspence created in the book was just so much engaging!!…it was just so much fun reading the book …wasn’t it??😆😆

Which is your least favourite book ?

Krisha: SEA OF MONSTERS ! This book was fun, hilarious, and everything. But someone has to come last. Thee first book was an amazing hook into the second book, but the quest didn’t quite live up to the grandeur of the first book. We got info in Thalia and Annabeth’s backstory which was interesting. Grover and Percy also got their emotion link. In the grand scheme of the entire series, I feel a if this book mattered the least.

Jheel: Titan’s Curse…i mean this book was really well written by the author though….it wasn’t that much fun and engaging as compared to the other books in the series…it could have written in a more interesting way…🙃🙃

We have ranked all the Percy Jackson and the Olympians best to worst in this post . Do read it!!!

What is the best scene the book ?

Krisha: Annabeth getting her own quest to lead

I remember feeling really excited when Annabeth finally got a quest of her own after kind of being in Percy’s shadow in that respect. I loved her mixed reaction to it, excited yet scared and nervous all at the same time and you see that Annabeth is one of the bravest characters in this series.


 Percy, Annabeth, and Grover and the Medusa Incident

I believe this was the first encounter they had with a monster and their reactions are just so hilarious. Percy and Annabeth just start bickering with each other while Grover is the mediator between them. I love the inclusion of all the Greek facts paralleled with the fictional aspects and it’s one of the many great things

Jheel: Of course the part where in the final battle the army Poseidon invades the territory and the Cyclops with their hooked ropes catch and drown the most threatening monster, Typhon… was such a thriller reading it!!..the fun i had was just so incredible…that part was the best and also the most engaging too!!😃

Which god or goddess’ child are you ?

Krisha: So I just love taking quizzes like this and I took quiz for this question too and guess…Um, I’m a book blogger and smart student. Who do you think my godly mother would be ? It is Athena ! Athena is smart and beautiful; a little strict but not too much, with a no-nonsense attitude that most Olympians lack. She would be a great mom !

Jheel: Athena…of course!!…she was the goddess of wisdom…she was really in intelligent just like me( maybe she was a bit more smarter than me, i mean she was a goddess, Duh!!😝😝)..she was a really inspirational personality for any youth!!..she would also be a kind and loving mom just like she was for Annabeth…overall who wouldn’t want her!!

Which part of the books made you cry??

Krisha: There are so many parts but I don’t want to make this post tooo long . So I am going to write a few qoutes that made me cry .

  • “Family, Luke. You promised.”
  • “But Bianca gave up herself to save the rest of us”
  • “You mean you don’t trust me anymore”- Nico
  • For Once I didn’t look back

Jheel : In the third book, a girl named zoe nightshade dies..that part was where i really felt like crying…she did not deserve to die after all the good things she had done and all the difficulties she had gone through..she was also a worthy lieutenant that unfortunately Artemis has lost…worst part of all was the fact that she had died by the hands of her father..overall her death would surely make someone cry😭😭

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    1. Hey, I even I love percy jackson a lot…I read the entire series a few months ago…emwhen did you read it??
      Also, as we said that at your own request, we will tag you for our upcoming part 2 of this percy Jackson tag!!
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      1. Yeah, i have just read percy jackson and the olympians, was planning to raed the other too….i really love the write – ups by rick riordan!!
        Yep, i agree, it really is the most anticipated!!
        Thanks a lot for writing your views on our post!!

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      1. That’s is fine…but once you are done answering the tag…do link it to our post so that we can read your answers too😃😃

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