My first ever WWW Wednesday!!

Introduction :

Hey Guys,

So, I am usually writing book reviews, posting discussions or reviewing ARC’s

So I thought that this time let’s do something new and different!! I have actually seen many people doing such kind of a post, so I thought that why not try it myself!!

So without any further delay let’s begin..

Well, currently I am reading a book called ” The Girl who Drank the Moon ”

The Girl Who Drank the Moon eBook: Barnhill, Kelly: ...

It is a fabulous book ( by, the way, as soon as I finish reading the book I will write its review!!)

It is totally recommended by me to the people who love reading fantasy especially magic or want to expose themselves to this kind of a genre!! It is somewhat on the similar storyline of the famous Harry Potter Series!( If you don’t already know that I am a crazy potterhead!)

It has dragons, moon magic, witches, swamp monsters and many more unimaginable creatures as well as characters…

Overall, I think that it is a package full of fun, mystery and not to forget, tons of magic!! Till now, I would say that I have surely fallen in love with this fantastic book!!

It is totally worth reading!!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Recently, i finished reading a fantastic book called Sisters!! ( Well i even wrote a review on it!! )

Buy Sisters Book Online at Low Prices in India | Sisters Reviews ...

It was my first experience reading a comic and I must say that it was really good!

I loved reading this book though I do not have a sister to relate this biography comic to, but I surely associated it with my cousin brother!I actually learned the art of empathy and could totally relate to the feelings of the author..

So if you have a sister, then you should surely read this book as you would be able to relate to the perspective as well as the emotions of the author…

Overall, i must say that I enjoyed reading this book a lot, I would surely recommend it to all the people reading my post!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I am sure that the next book I shall read would be Coraline!

Buy Coraline Book Online at Low Prices in India | Coraline Reviews ...

Well this book is total horror as well as a elegant touch of mystery! In Goodreads I read quite many positive reviews about this book and I even loved the suspense created in the blurb!

So,I thought that why not try it? Being a person who just cannot stop reading, I finally ordered this fabulous book in the lockdown. Well, I know it is wrong but I just couldn’t control my curiosity!

I really hope that I like this book and don’t worry, i will surely write its review once i am done reading it!!

I really hope that you all liked my post!😙😙

I am eagerly waiting for some of the viewers to send the link of their post of WWW Wednesday in the comments below, so that I get ideas for my upcoming posts as well as more recommendations to read new books!


61 thoughts on “My first ever WWW Wednesday!!”

      1. Hey I visited your blog…you really write very well..I even commented and liked some of your posts..I really enjoyed reading them…I really hope that your blog prospers!🥰🥰

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    1. Thanks…I am a bookworm😅😅…I just cannot stop reading once I start reading a book..I am happy that you always like my reviews…it is really very motivating 😊😊

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  1. Lovely post ❤️ I have read sisters and I loved that book ! I really want to read girl who drank the moon and after knowing that you enjoyed it so much I will read it as soon as I can….can’t wait to see your review on this book 😉…..I have not heard of the book Coraline before but its premise sounds amazing! I am currently re reading the trials of apollo and just finished reading orphan 11-an ARC

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot…yep, I am sure you will like the girl who Drank the is a lovely book…currently I am on the 6 chapter of the book Coraline…and i am loving it!!…i haven’t read the Trials of Apollo…would you recommend it to me?? Is it good and worth reading??

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh ok…I have read percy Jackson but I still need to read heroes of Olympus…will read it as soon as possible and then surely try trials of Apollo…thanks a lot 😘😘

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    1. Hey thanks…oh ok…actually I started reading that book a few hours ago and I am currently on the 3 chapter…till now I have really liked the book…let’s see..

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    1. Great…do read it and tell me how you found the book and whether you liked it or not…would be waiting to hear from you…do read my other posts too…hope you like them as much as this one!!

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  2. Hi! I would really love to participate in this WWW Webnesday thing but what exactly do I have to do?
    I have read the first book, ‘ The Girl who drank the Moon.’ I also wrote a review, I love it! But I think you got the wrong cover! The one on my book has a different font.

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    1. Hi…glad this post motivated you to write like a post like mine..all you have to do is answer the three questions that I have answered in my post..
      Yeah, I read your review it was really very good…to frankly speak your review only motivated me to buy this fabulous book and now I am in love with it.. actually a book a have various covers..the one I posted on my post, is the cover that I have..
      Anyways, thanks a lot 😃😃

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      1. Okay! Whose idea is this and what does WWW stand for? Which related post did you see before making this post?
        I am happy that you considered this book!! Oh, okay then!

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      2. So, on many blogs if you scan through them you can see posts such as this, I wouldn’t like to take names as the list of the blogs is endless…
        So basically, WWW Wednesday tries to answer three questions and they are as follows :
        What are you currently reading??
        What did you finish reading recently ??
        What are you going to read next??
        Your most welcome😘😘

        Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh ok…thanks a lot…but do try these three books, I am sure you will like them and find them really very fun and interesting!

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