July and August Bujo Setup

This is a different post but a bullet journal is kind of a book so I felt justified in talking about them. I see bullet journals all over youtube and blogs and they are stunning! Don’t even get me started on the ones on Pinterest… So in July I decided that I wanted to be that level of organised and it helps that I love being colour coded. For July the theme for this month was butterflies, inspired by AmandaRachLee’s May spread last year. I thought it was such a pretty theme and it’s so aesthetically pleasing, honestly. Blue also is a rather refreshing color!

This is my first page of the bullet journal !






So for July I did not keep many pages just simple and basic !


My theme for this month is random plants ! I love looking for new bullet journal ideas and I’ve really been obsessing over these plant themed spreads lately. I actually thought of a plant theme after Kay’s Succulent theme .



In my post Blog Scheduling I had mentioned that I used a reading spreadsheet! But that one was for my ARC’s and to keep track of my reviews ! This is one is a bit different !



 I had a lot of fun putting it together, so I hope you enjoy seeing it as well!

Have you started a bullet journal? Did you like my July and August bullet journal theme ? What is your theme ?

72 thoughts on “July and August Bujo Setup”

  1. Ah I love your spreads so much, they’re so pretty! My August theme is using the main colour of purple and the moon and mountains, I had a lot of fun putting together my August spreads actually. Also, your calligraphy is stunning! ❤

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    1. Thanks el ….you are really sweet…you must be kidding 😂I saw your photo of recreating covers on insta….and wow you are so talented the covers were stunning 🤩🤩
      So sorry for the late reply…I had gone on a kind of mini hitius and I had a lot of backlist comments pending

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      1. Hehe no problem & thank you! ☺️ But honestly my problem is I can never doodle – like I can draw stuff if I have reference images & someone tells me an idea but never from my own imagination 😅

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  2. Oh my God, krisha you are amazing. This is beautiful and I am so jealous because I suck at drawing and my journal is just a bit of line and book names😭😭😭. Why am I so bad at drawing 😭😭😭

    Still, it’s an awesome post, Krisha. Keep it up.

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    1. ahhhh suzan, stop you’re going to make me cry!!! 😭😭😭 that means so much to me, thank you 💖💖 And I am sure you are very good as well….also I love minimalist journals

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      1. I don’t want to make you cry but still, you can cry because this is is so beautiful. I suck at drawing and my journal has nothing at all except boring names and posts journal. Can you create a journal for me??😜😜💖✌😊

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      1. Yes I loved doing the butterfly design plus I love butterflies and blue is one of my fav colors….thank you for your comment, it really means the world to me 😭😭


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