Another month has passed.. what?? | July Monthly Wrap Up

Ahhh I honestly wonder sometimes; will it always feel like a month passed, in like, a week?? ‘Cause it’s been happening to me since forever, and every time I still can’t believe it. Kind of like how it feels like my chocolate stash always seems to go from a lot to, like, a crumb in a day?

But anyway, case in point: time flies! And I thought I might as well reminisce of how my month of July went, to cling to the past a bit before another month starts to fly by. Let’s get on to it!

I read 8 books this month ! Which is really less than I comparatively read .Out of that 5 were re reads of Percy Jackson and one was kind of a chapter book …..this really helped me to get out of the reading slump . And reading in a reading Slump is hard. Also july was quite a busy month for me and that did not help !

Me and Jheel in total wrote 27 posts ! And I can’t link that many posts and also that I am lazy like that. You can check all of them here

So here are the my top 6 favourite posts of the month :

And of course, around the blogosphere, there were so many incredible posts this month! These are just a handful of amazing posts out there .

50 of My Anticipated Book Releases for the Second Half of 2020: July to December! ( May puts so much work into all of your blog posts and it shows ! I aspire to be her )

Books Recs based on TV shows ( This was such a creative idea ! Plus I added soo many books to my TBR )

Discussion : Books to Movies Adaptation( This was such a great first discussion post ! And Rhi raised many good points . )

Folklore Book Tag /Original ( I’m in love with the album- I love that Isla made this tag)

Tag, You’re It! Our Thoughts on Book Tags ( I love this discussion so much—they summed up my thoughts perfectly )

How to Edit Instagram Photos With A Digital Book Cover ( These tips were so helpful Xandra ! )

Why am I so obsessed with myself? ( This was just soo relatetable )

How my reading habits have changed over time ( I loved this post ! And it made me so nostalgic )

How to (Try to) Edit a Book #LikeABoss ( I loved this post ! It made me smile hard )

  • I recently started my first ever bullet journal ! Here is the post for my July and August Bujo Setup !
  • There is a change of blogging schedule .My school has started and my tests are coming up. So from now on I will be posting minimum once a week with an exception of twice.
  • I am overwhelmed to have 180 followers,6886 views, 1418 visitors,1338 likes and 985 comments in only 2 and half months. Thank you everyone ….it truly means a lot. I have made a post thanking all 100 followers and a book tag to get to know me better
  • Also my friend Jheel who also used to blog with me ….went on a break. You can checkout her post here
  • Also I am writing my first recommendation post It is going to be about Middle Grade Books by Asian Authors. I hope to make 2 parts .
  • The voting round of Book Blogger Awards has started ! The hugest thank you to May and Marie for putting it together💗Also I went to the voting round of Book Blogger Awards and and am in the middle grade or younger section so I would be immensely grateful if you would vote for me ( if you like my content ). You do not need to be a book blogger to vote .

This is my first wrap up so I had not made any goals last month !

Blogging Goals

  • Write 5 posts
  • A book recommendation post like I had mentioned earlier (Middle Grade Books by Asian authors )
  • Complete the Disney Readathon + Read the books for all the blog tours
  • Hit 250 Followers
  • Do a site revamp ( I am not really sure about this one ) I am thinking of changing my color pallete…..maybe warmer colors ??
  • Make a welcome graphic on the sidebar.
  • Find new blogs through BBA
  • Vote for BBA ( Book Blogger Awards )

Personal Goals

  • Study for CTs
  • Do some meditation
  • Do painting
  • Fill the bullet journal regularly
  • I live in India and we celebrate a festival called Ganapati Chaturti so I need to do the decorations for it . I am making paper flowers. Normally we get flowers from the flower shops and they decorate the place with fresh flowers but COVID……

How was your July ? What were some books you read ? Do you think I should change my design ?

Hope you have a lovely August !

68 thoughts on “Another month has passed.. what?? | July Monthly Wrap Up”

  1. This is so cool. I will be reading Percy Jackson next month and this looks so great, I love it. I will do this monthly wrap up next month. I will definitely tag you and try to be as good as you are in the monthly wrap up because, to be honest, I suck at monthly wrap up😂😂. Hope to see more of your posts💖✌😊.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh, congrats on all your reading and blogging success this month! I hope you continue to have a lovely August and good luck with going back to school.💗 Thank you so much for mentioning my post in your wrap-up! It makes me so happy to see that it helped you add more books to your TBR because that was definitely the goal.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So Sorry for the late reply ! I had gone on a kinda mini hiatus. Ahh thanks Olivia ….my pleasure you 100 % deserved it ….you are always posting original and creative content…hope you have an amazing august as well

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahh, I just went to look at your Bujo post and your bullet journals are SO SO PRETTY!!! Congratulations on getting into the voting round for the blogger awards! You 100% deserve it 💕💕 Thank you for sharing our post, I’m so happy you enjoyed it! I hope that you’re able to meet all your goals this month and that you’ll have an amazing August!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thanks Chana….this truly made my day…..and congrats to you tooo….your blog is amazing….and of course I loved your post….your both discussion posts are chefs kiss…..yes hope sooo tooo….. wishing you a wonderful August as well
      ( Sorry for the late reply ….I had kind of gone on a mini hitius)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This is an amazing post! Ooh one of my blogging goals is also to publish 5 posts. Congratulations on your followers, number of views, likes, and comments!!!!!!!! You and Jheel deserve them all 😀 Sounds like you had a great reading month! Have a wonderful August.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Eleanor ❤️ that is great…hi5…..🥺🥺I am truly honoured….hope you have a lovely August as well
      ( Sorry for the late reply ….I had kind of gone on a mini hitius)

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    1. I liked orphan 11…I was a part of a blog tour of that book and have written a review on that if you want to ever check it out….I have never read any of her other books….but I would love to give it a try….any recs.
      I will surely check your blog as well

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I am really proud of myself for reading in a reading slump …..I will surely check your TTT
      ( Sorry for the late reply ….I had kind of gone on a mini hitius)


    1. My pleasure 😊…..and thank you hope to reach there soon…..I am quite a mood reader and after doing my first readathon and failing that ….I have suprised myself by participating in this one ….anyways fingers crossed

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      1. Oh ! I never knew that ……Even I don’t get free books as I even do not have a library near me….I do not know what to exactly call it……it is kind of a library but you need to pay an amount for a month where you get 12 books ….but it is cheaper than buying books as you need to return the books….there are many free platforms for free e books however….maybe I will make a post for it !

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You just go to customiser and then to menus the primary menu then you get the option and after that just add pages by clicking on the plus sign and format it however you want

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That is nice ! But I thought you used to blog about books earlier as well…. I had seen book reviews on your blog…..and is not compulsory to blog only about books ….like there is a combination of book and lifestyle blog.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I did but now its announced so I can freely take part in bookish activities and stuff and introduce myself as a book blogger. Also, did you check your email?

        Liked by 1 person

      5. You could do tht otherwise as well….but your wish ! Sorry….will check it now …. I actually decided to devote this day to answering all my comments…..I still have 10 comments left to be moderated !

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