BOOK REVIEW- Coraline!


Hope you all are doing well in this pandemic!

So as I had promised in my WWW Wednesday that I would be writing a book review on Coraline….

Well, here I am! I kept my promise!

So, without any delay, let’s begin!

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A young girl named Coraline, is bored of everything in her life, whether it be her parents, toys or food…she wants to do something unique and interesting and that’s when her family shifts to a new bungalow that has a suspicious looking locked thirteenth door!

Well, she couldn’t keep her curiousity held and thus she opened the door with the rusted cold old black key… Now, maybe sometimes a door is closed for a very good reason…this is actually proven in this book!

Now once inside, she enters an entirely new world where she finds the copy of the real world she had come from…there was a other mother, other father, other house and other toys! She loves everything out there since they are different, well, except for her other parents… they have long claw – like nails and black button eyes! They look extremely creepy as well as dangerous to her…

Now, her so called other parents want to keep Coraline forever with them and to convince her for that, they have captured her real parents!…

Now, Coraline has just two options left with her – either give up and be adopted by her other parents or to challenge her other parents that she would free herself and also rescue her parents!

Read this fab horror book to see what she finally chooses and whether she is able to escape and also free her parents or whether she is taken forever by her other parents!

I loved really enjoyed reading this book! It was a package full of thrill, horror, fun as well as enjoyment! I would surely recommend this book to all the people reading my post! I hope you all enjoy reading this book as much as I did!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.




55 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW- Coraline!”

    1. Yeah, this book is really very well written by the author!!
      I haven’t seen the movie yet but would love to see it now since so many people reading my review have seen it!
      I am sure you will love the book if you are a horror or thriller lover!
      So, which is your favorite genre? ( just curious)

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  1. Ooh, amazing review! I have watched the movie so I know the spoilers already😜 Anyway, I am definitely going to read this! You should watch the movie too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, thanks! No problem, I am sure the book will be more thriller to read and once again go through the story..
      I am sure you will enjoy reading the book!
      Yeah, will surely see the movie too!
      Did you like the movie? How much would rate it?? ( just taking a opinion before watching it myself😅😅😅 )

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      1. That’s great!
        If you have given such good ratings to the movie, then I think that now I really must watch it!!
        Thanks a lot!🥰🥰

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      2. Nope…actually very busy in studies, sanskrit classes, online coding and other stuff…
        Would have loved to do one, but I am unfortunately behind schedule a bit..
        And then also, I haven’t yet watched the movie Coraline and you haven’t read the book…
        So, we can not even do a collab on that, can we?
        I am really very very very sorry.😔😔😔

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    2. Yeah, just more thing… ( so sorry to bother you again and again😙😙 )
      Do you often read horror or thriller novels??
      If you do, then can you please recommend me some of them? ( Well, I am 12 yrs old )
      I really want to expose myself to that genre!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. No problem!
        I don’t read lots of horror or thriller novels so I can’t recommend lots to you but maybe you should check out ‘Fear Street’! It is a whole long series full of horror stories! But they aren’t very lengthy novels! Sorry!😅

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    1. Thanks!
      Oh ok, So which is your favourite genre then??
      I am glad that you would recommend it to other people! It is good that they will benefit too!
      Anyways, thanks for visiting our site! Hope you like it!
      Do read my other posts too!

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      1. Oh ok…I have written around 25 book reviews till now and most of them are adventure, fiction, mystery etc.
        Even I am not a big fan of action just like you! But i think that after reading Coraine, I am rather liking that genre now!

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    1. Thanks, I am glad you liked my review! Do read i! I am sure you will love this book if you like thriller novels!
      By the way, have you read any thrillers or horror books yet? ( just curious )
      Yeah, i love changing my username to something new and unique as soon as it comes across my mind!
      Well, i can see that you have your username as PotterHead! So, that means you are a crazy Harry Potter fan just like me! Am I right??

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  2. Ooh good review Krisha! I’ve heard of Coraline, I knew it was a movie but I didn’t realize it was based on a book. I’m not someone who enjoys horror/thrillers, but I’m really glad you enjoyed it! From your description it sounds like it was written really well!

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    1. Hey, Myself: Jheel!
      So, this is a collab blog of me and my friend, Krisha. She was the one who started it and invited me for a collab. Thus, this post is written by me (JHEEL). It is fine, it can happen sometimes. No problem!
      Anyways, I am glad you liked my review! Yep, the movie was based on this book! I can assure you that if you are a thriller lover or want to newly expose yourself to that genre, then i am sure you will totally enjoy reading this book!
      Yeah, this book is really well written by the author!
      So, overall, do read it!

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      1. Ooh okay! I thought you had two names you went by 😉 sorry about that.
        Thank you! I’ll definitely consider it if/when I’m interested in those genres. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It is OKAY! It can happen sometimes! I am totally fine with it!
        That is great! I am glad my review helped you to add another book to your TBR!
        So, do read my other posts too! Hope you like them as much as this one!

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      1. Yeah, even i got to know that only when i was about to finish reading the book! I haven’t yet seen the movie yet, but hope to see it soon!

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