DIY post Ft. how to make gorgeous watercolour background quotes using makers

In today’s post: Learn how to make these beautiful watercolor art prints using just markers and water!

I learned this technique from my cousin and wanted to make my own post to share with you guys! !

The supply list is short and simple: watercolour paper, watercolour brush pens (In these projects, I used Crayolas , a plastic palette (or sandwich bag) and water (preferably in a spray bottle or mini mister). Also have some paper towel or a rag handy to wipe up the palette or messes.

1. Select 2-3 marker colors . I chose pink and purple for this project.

2. Lay a gallon zip bag over the paper. On the plastic bag, scribble the markers to add color.

Tip : Do not use colors that will make brown when combined together. I start by scribbling with the first color in four or five different spots, then scribbling with the next color. It will take some experimentation to figure out how much marker ink you want to use, but you really don’t need that much. I like to keep the scribbles contained within the middle of the page.

3.Next Add water to the surface using spray bottle . You’ll see the marker ink bead up when it gets wet. Again, you’ll want to experiment to see how much water you like to use, but I find that 5 or 6 sprays is generally sufficient.

4. Flip plastic over and press design onto paper.  Rub your fingers over the bag, blending the colors beneath it.

5. When you’re done blending, slowly peel the bag off your print. And YAY !! The watercolor background is ready . Now you can handletter whatever you wish 🙂

Here are some of my works :

Poll time :

I had tons of fun doing this and hope you have fun too !

All you need to do is color with the markers on a gallon zip bag, then spray the bag with water. This causes the marker color to run and blend. When you flip the bag over onto your paper you end up with a pretty, watercolor-like background and then you could do some handlettering.

So cool, right? I know it’s not nearly as nuanced as a real watercolor painting would be, but it also doesn’t take any special supplies, training, or talent.

Did you like this DIY post ?Would you like to see more such posts? What is your Favorite qoute and what does it mean ?

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    Have a great day !!

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