Blogger Friends !

This is where I put my button and you put yours! Simple, right? Here’s how it works. My button is down over there and if you want to button swap, comment below and I’ll put your button here!If you’d like to share my button on your blog, just copy and paste the image above, then link it to my website. Drop me a comment down below if you’d like to swap with me. 😉 I usually only swap with bloggers who follow me and I know !

My Button :

Buttons I’ve Swapped:

jbb button 1

43 thoughts on “Blogger Friends !”

      1. Hey sorry once again for the late reply ( I am so behind on my comments 😦 ) So if you are doing from a laptop u can do it but if you are doing from a phone it is a little tough …all you need to do is select the image and pull the corners


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