3 In 1 Award Post + My Hiatus AnnouncementšŸ˜Œ

Identify the famous book series adapted into the movie shown above as well as the character shown in the given GIF! Identify the above book along with it's author. I am eagerly awaiting all your answers! The winners of my last post who answered the riddle correctly first were Aanya ( for the first riddle… Continue reading 3 In 1 Award Post + My Hiatus AnnouncementšŸ˜Œ

# Sisters!

Riana can not wait to be a big sister! But once Amara is born, things are not the way she quite expected them to be... Amara is cute, but she is also really very cranky and a grouchy young baby! ( Of course like the way all young sister are !! ) She mostly prefers… Continue reading # Sisters!

A Christmas Carol !

In the city of London, on the night of Christmas Eve, Ebenezer Scrooge, a bitter, cold - hearted old miser, refuses his nephew's invitation for Christmas dinner and rudely turns away the gentleman seeking donation for the poor! And as he comes to sit down alone in his cold, dark apartment, he is visited by… Continue reading A Christmas Carol !

Un – doubt your doubts!

Looking for some inspiration? Some personal uplift and empowerment? This book has been few of my favorites that I have always recommended. Sometimes a good book is exactly what you need. Whether you're having a bad day (or a bad year) or just want a good read. I was 10 when i some how got… Continue reading Un – doubt your doubts!

#THE FAMOUS FIVE – Five Have A Wonderful Time

DESCRIPTION - The five friends are on a caravanning holiday....they all are really exited....during their camping, they spy a ruined castle on the top of a hill......they are quite curious to know more about this mysterious casrtle that was probably abondoned on this moor, when they spot a desperate face in the tower window and… Continue reading #THE FAMOUS FIVE – Five Have A Wonderful Time

#DORK DIARIES! – Puppy Love…

DESCRIPTION - This time, the author came back with a cute and a disastrous story about puppies.....Nikki discovers that someone has left puppies in front of Fuzzy friends, and decides to take turns with her friends taking care of them until Fuzzy friends (adoption center) is able to make space for the 7 puppies.... but… Continue reading #DORK DIARIES! – Puppy Love…

# THE FAMOUS FIVE – Five Go Off To Camp

DESCRIPTION - On the wild moors where the five are camping, there is an abandoned railway yard. Mysterious trains without a driver arrive at the middle of the night and then disappear!! Can the famous five find out where they are going and why ?? GENRE - ADVENTURE AS WELL AS MYSTERY AUTHOR - ENID… Continue reading # THE FAMOUS FIVE – Five Go Off To Camp