Thank you for your interest in Krisha’s Cosy Corner. I am always keen to hear from authors and look forward to reading any book proposals I am sent. Before you take the time to submit your ideas, please read the information below to make sure we can make the best start.

Terms and Conditions-

  1. I accept audiobooks / E- books/ print copies
  2. I live in India.
  3. I will review your book within a month of receiving it. My review will be entirely honest– if it is a bad review, please note that I’m reviewing the book and not the author.
  4. In addition to this blog, my reviews will also be up on Goodreads.

Include In Your Request-

  • Author information
  • Overview of the book 
  • Genre and age category 
  • Publisher 
  • Release date
  • Purchase links


  1. Children fiction
  2. Middle grade
  3. Mystery
  4. Children fantasy

If your book doesn’t fall under any of the mentioned genres, please don’t hesitate in raising a review request. If I’m interested, I will definitely read and review it.


I love participating in blog tours of books that abide my policy. E-mail me an invite and I will let you know if I may take part and review your book.
I also  publish author interviews, promotional posts, book blitzes, or cover reveals.