Site Revamp : I need Ideas

Hello ! So I decided to do a revamp for my blog. A header , blog button and a sidebar.....and maybe a homepage. So I have made a few drafts so you choose which one you like the best. After the header is finalised I will make a blog button and sidebar graphics similar to… Continue reading Site Revamp : I need Ideas

50+followers !

When I started this blog back in May, it was to help me to to pass my time in the lockdown. I never thought I’d get any followers beyond my own parents but I continued to blog as it had become a fun experience for me. It seems like just yesterday I was feeling super… Continue reading 50+followers !

Reading for Fun!

Hello to the readers of Krisha's Cosy Corner! She has asked me to write a short, bookish post for her page, and so I am here as a guest author today! My name is Lola, I write a blog called Leggit! ( in which I have posted so far about running, mental health and the… Continue reading Reading for Fun!