Bookstagram Announcement

So this is going to be a very short post ! And as you might have guessed from the title I created a bookstagram- krisha_cozycorner a day ago ! If you don't know what bookstagram is, it's a simple combination of 'book' and 'Instagram'--an Instagram account dedicated to bookish things. It was something that I… Continue reading Bookstagram Announcement

Olympic Games Readathon #Weekly Report 1

Hello fellow bookworms ! So I am participating in a olympic games redathon. So here is how I am progressing. To see my tbr for this readathon click here ! I have completed pride and prejudice book !!! And am on the second book on my readathon tbr Name Tags and Other Grade 6 Disasters.… Continue reading Olympic Games Readathon #Weekly Report 1

Olympic Games Readathon!

As soon as I heard of this one I knew I had to join. I never ever did a PJO readathon before, and I heard of it before the Disney+ tv show news so it was even more perfect. You can watch the announcement video over at Ishi Time. For this one you also have a… Continue reading Olympic Games Readathon!

Book Face-off :Harry Potter VS Percy Jackson

HARRY POTTER SERIES - PROS - Harry Potter will hold the interest of children because the way this book and film is created has a significant level of suspense, leaving you wondering what will happen next.The twin brothers of Ron Weasley, joke a lot and children will certainly find them amusing.Reading it will increase the… Continue reading Book Face-off :Harry Potter VS Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson #Best to Worst

 Percy Jackson is one of the most amazing series, it has humour,action, friendships and pretty much delves into every genre. Percy Jackson and the Olympians is definitely one of my favorite series ever written, and I recommend it to anyone who likes reading books.To be completely honest, it took me 15 mins to decide which one… Continue reading Percy Jackson #Best to Worst